A sister city organization is a volunteer group of ordinary citizens who, with the support of their local elected officials, form long-term relationships with people and organizations in a city abroad. Each sister city organization is independent and pursues the activities and thematic areas that are important to them and their community including municipal, business, trade, educational and cultural exchanges with their sister city.

Student Exchange

We’re really excited about our Sister Cities student exchange program where young people of different cultures and languages are able to travel and study abroad,  and get to know the people by talking and living with each other. Especially today, the world is smaller than ever before. Internet access and email make getting and keeping in touch much easier.

At one time, only the wealthy could afford such experiences for their youth. St. Charles Sister Cities is very proud of its efforts to help even youth of modest means benefit from the cultural richness Student Exchange brings, as well as the personal growth which results. Such exchanges with our longtime sister city Ludwigsburg have established many friendships, and even one marriage!

If you are interested in participating in our Youth Exchange program as a student, a teacher or a chaperone, please contact one of the St. Charles Sister Cities officers or board members for details. Students from St. Charles High; St. Charles West High; Francis Howell North High and Lutheran High participate in yearly exchanges.   Also, please visit the German or Irish Student Exchange sub-navigation tabs above for pictures of recent gatherings!