A sister city organization is a volunteer group of ordinary citizens who, with the support of their local elected officials, form long-term relationships with people and organizations in a city abroad. Each sister city organization is independent and pursues the activities and thematic areas that are important to them and their community including municipal, business, trade, educational and cultural exchanges with their sister city.

Ludwigsburg, Germany

Not an old city by German standards, Ludwigsburg was founded by Wurttemberg Duke Eberhard Ludwig in 1704. The duke put architects to work in 1704 building a summer residence where the family and its entourage could escape from the heat in the capital, Stuttgart. By 1733 the 452-room palace, modeled after and actually larger than the Palace of Versailles, outside Paris, was complete.
The town grew up around a large MarktPlatz Market Square near the construction site, and received its charter in 1709. Ludwig moved the Ducal capital here from Stuttgart in 1717 after some of the palace’s 18 buildings were completed.

Ludwigsburg today attracts its share of tourists because of the palace (about 50 rooms are viewed on a guided tour), the magnificent landscaped gardens that surround the site, and the location of a continuing “Baroque in Bloom’ flower festival (Bluhendes Baroque).  Ludwidgsburg is host to several other festivals as well: the Palace Festival, the Venetian Festival and the Christmas Market.

The Baroque architecture of the churches and other buildings on the Market Square, site of summer open-air markets, and the outlying palaces are also worthy attractions. The city is carefully zoned so that business and industrial activities do not interfere with the 18th century atmosphere preserved and restored in the old-town sections.

Modern cultural additions in Ludwigsburg include the Forum am Schlosspark, which opened in the early ’90s near the palace gardens, adjacent to the city’s newest hotel, the Nestor, which was shoe-­horned inside an old Prussian Army barracks and opened in 1996. The Forum is the site of every ­thing from business conferences to classical music concerts, festival balls and live TV broadcasts. Ludwigsburg is a center for light industry; the main focus is on mechanical engineering, automobile parts and accessories (Mercedes-Benz), textile manufacturing, food processing and wine production. The city also has five high schools, is the site of a teachers’ college, a Public Administration college and the headquarters of one of Europe’s largest architectural societies.

The tourist information office is located at 10 Wilhelmstrasse near city hall. Telephone 910252 or 910589. The residents of Ludwigsburg have been very good hosts to the residents of St. Charles since we established our friendship. Why not experience Ludwigsburg for yourself with us?

For more information see the German Chapter's website at https://stc4ludwigsburgsistercity.org